At 7×7 toys, we believe that toys are a great way for children to explore their world and learn more easily. We explore toys that are current as well as older toys. We also love to talk about how toys are used to help children overcome obstacles in their lives as they grow.

In recent studies, it has been shown that children learn more from traditional toys than they do from those that are electronic, so we will be focusing mainly on the traditional ones in this blog. This is in part because, as parents play these electronic toys with their young children, they are less likely to actually talk with their child and respond to their babbles. This puts the parent more on the sideline instead of as a cooperative partner in play. They allow the toy to speak for them, so they are less engaged in the play with the child.

Since children learn much quicker when a parent is involved in the play, the traditional toys, such as blocks, cars, and books, are a much better way to help the child learn. That is the main reason why we, at 7×7 toys, will be writing more about the traditional toys than the modern ones.

We hope you will join us in our adventure.