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The ultimate guide to choosing the right toys for your kids

What Children Want in a Toy

Children growing up need some kind of toy. Toys help with the child’s imagination. It is no wonder this has become such a huge industry making billions of dollars. The bottom line is that children are in love with toys.

Toys for all ages

You can be sure there is a toy for whatever age your child is. On any toy, there are safety warnings to help you know what age is good for that toy. Toys focused on toddlers will not catch the attention of older children. They usually like something with a little more challenge.

Safety a high priority

Under law, the toy maker must show their product is safe from chemicals that are dangerous to children. The toy maker must show that the toy has been disinfected of any animal contamination and show the penalty for not adhering to this law. If you have felt that your child has a toy that is unsafe or has caused some type of injury, you may want to consider contacting an injury lawyer to review your case.

So many to pick from

Some of the most popular toys are action figures. Thor and Captain America are just a couple. Disney has a good corner on the market with their action figures.

Stuffed bears are the most widest know, but Disney has come out with some very well know characters. Children can identify certain characters from a great distance.

As a child grows you will see how their interests change. When they are toddlers, they like toys that don’t move. As they get older they want toys that do more than just sit there. A good example is a remote control car. Dogs seem to be a big craving as there getting older.

Along the way boys interests become different from girls. Boys start wanting toy guns, girls may want a Barbie.

Girls usually grow away from toys before boys. Boys may hang onto their action figures many more years.

Toys are a great way to break down walls between age groups.